Wednesday, March 18, 2009

EclipseCon: Show me your Mac

The Galileo Simultaneous Release has almost reached the M6 milestone. This means API and UI freeze for many projects and our attention turns to some hard core integration testing.

The GEF and GMF teams have spent considerable time cleaning up some of the finer details in our graphical platforms, such as anti aliasing, line width, fractional line widths, curved lines and gradients.

It is pretty much impossible for our small team to test every diagram on every platform. We think have caught and fixed most of the issues, some of which where somewhat nightmarish.

Which brings a us to the topic at hand, our team has a distinct lack of Macintosh computers to test on. We have access to older PowerPC based Macs, but none of the newer fancy Intel based Mac notebooks.

As all you Mac users are testing and playing at EclipseCon with the latest and greatest, pay special attention to your diagrams. If you find anything, toss us a Bugzilla or drop me a line at anthonyh [at] Testing with the latest Cocoa platform would be a bonus.

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