Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Naming the next Eclipse Simultaneous Release after Helios

The Eclipse Planning Council has a call out to the community for ideas for the name of the next Eclipse Simultaneous Release in June 2011. For those keeping track, it will be our sixth simultaneous release:

Callisto : 2006
Europa : 2007
Ganymede : 2008
Galileo : 2009
Helios : 2010

The name will be roughly alphabetical; must be greater than "H" (but not too much greater, to leave room for later names).

Preference will be given to "I" names, but there is no strict rule that others would not be considered.

Preference given to names that fit the "moon", "heavenly body gods", or "scientists" themes we've had so far, but no strict rule again.

A few ideas so far would be : Isaac, Ion, Isis, Iris,...

Add your ideas and opinions until April 8 on Bugzilla 306864 .