Thursday, May 20, 2010

Helios RC1 +1, +2 +3, go

We are working though the final stages of the Helios Eclipse Simultaneous Release and this week is RC1.

Helios is organized in layers, Eclipse projects gets a number like +1, +3, -1. It is meant to indicate that a +2 project depends on the builds of a +1 and lower projects.

For example, GEF is +1 and depends on the 0 layer Eclipse platform build.

Now that the GMF Restructure is completed, I was keen to make sure I adopt and build with all the RC1 builds for all the dependencies.

Historically, some projects do not do this. They build with the latest available. This leads to some problems and you will see an RC1a build here and there. I wanted to make sure GMF was clean.

GMF has historically been a +2 component. If you look at the diagram below, +2 never fit really well, but given there are +3 components depending on the GMF Runtime, we made it work.

The projects in green are the builds I produced this week. Unfortunately, I was "mostly late" on all of them.

I produced GEF RC1 late on Monday 9:20 EST, we were late pushing some fixes for a few critical bugs.

I was delayed with the EMF project builds. I was waiting for UML2 RC1, but decided I could not wait anymore. EMF Transaction was the last one after EMF Query and EMF Validation on Tuesday at 3:11 EST. (The UML2 team did confirm they were not going to produce an RC1).

Since Tuesday was supposed to be +2, GMF Runtime was going to be a little late as well. It actually was built at midnight on Wednesday, the +3 day.

I decided not to wait for M2M QVTOML RC1 and pushed the last GMF Tooling build. So GMF Tooling got done Wednesday morning 9:09 AM in time for the RC1 Helios packages.

Apologies for the anyone out there waiting for any of the projects I am responsible for.