Thursday, February 3, 2011

GMF Runtime turns 20

This week had lots of Eclipse release activity. We are winding down the Helios service release two by promoting RC2 this week. We also also in the middle of Indigo promoting M5 this week. Double release duty.

Seems like a good time to update the Graphical Modeling Project releases table. I maintain this to keep my sanity keeping track of all the version numbers of the projects and dependencies.

A few things stood out.

Indigo will be the 20th release of the GMF Runtime at Eclipse. That is a lot of releases. And that does not include the releases internal to IBM before we open sourced the platform to GMF.

It is also noted that the GMF Runtime has yet to do a major version change. We have managed to be API backward compatible for the entire lifetime of the GMF Runtime project.

That is a long history of stability for a platform and I know the products built on our graphical modeling platform are appreciative of this.